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IES Portal, Connecting to the Saeco World!

Probably, only a few people realise that a tasty coffee is the result of the activities of a complex production chain that must run like clockwork, even though such activities are not apparent to those who enjoy a good cup.

Customers are the first focus of our attention; IeS was created for them.


With IeS we mean to provide our customers with our support, providing all the information they may require and desire: news, complete product information, technical data and details, installation and service information, maintenance suggestions and a lot more; all this is to be provided in the customer's own language, updated in real time and available at the following web address:


Saeco has been working for some time on the design of a web portal, in order to provide its market with a strong information-operating support. This is not going to be a standard portal, where information drafted elsewhere, by people outside the company, is posted: this shall be a self-made portal.


It will concentrate information flows, organise them in installation manual, user manual and technical assistance folders. It is designed as a window into Saeco's operating environment, with our staff working daily with our sales agents, our 'antennae in the market', to update the information to be made available.


As is the case for every solid structure that is built to last, we created strong foundations and followed a detailed development project. Our 'foundations' consist in a detailed and exhaustive archival structure. Our 'bricks' are the contents of the phrase books, the selection and details of the pictures. Our work method is planned and analytical: the layout of our catalogues, price lists and technical manuals has been chosen on the basis of a careful study of the choice of contents requested by our customers.


Our first step is to satisfy common requests. However, as Saeco is an international reality, its wider mission is definitely to address the specific requirements of each country in a timely and exhaustive way.


“Saeco IéS” (an acronym meaning ‘Information eco System’, the name of the project), is a multilingual system based on a database structure designed to operate in a web environment and be extremely flexible. It is structured as an analytical catalogue of information and designed to combine such information. The system has two macro-levels:


- data

- information sets in different layouts, broken down by language (technical information, manuals, etc.)


Saeco is therefore able to address market demands at any time, by creating a new publication in the relevant language instantaneously.


It can also design applications that are increasingly focused on technical issues, such as own label generation, product configurators, machine programming configurators etc.. Quite besides the merely technical aspect, the excellence of the Saeco system is due to the internal management skills and product knowledge that produced it.


To provide exact and timely information on any requested topic concerning product sales and assistance was the main engine that drove the company to create the system.



IES Portal, Connecting to the Saeco World!



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